About Me

Megan Melanson


is a self-taught fiber artist and garment designer, working in natural fibers of fur, leather and wool. Her time is divided between her home in Yukon Territory and her families remote trapline. It was in that remote wilderness that her early childhood artistic passions became reignited. Her creations maximize these trapline renewable resources creating timeless heirloom pieces that she sells internationally. 

Wearable-Art Series

Megan Melanson
All Trails Lead Home
Permanent ink on elk leather, coyote fur

One of a kind designs that reflect the environment from which these natural fibers come from. A wearable piece of art, easily displayed at -40 temperatures. Inspired and designed with the great outdoors in mind. 

Custom Designs


Custom pieces and designs are her specialty. Made to fit you perfectly and reflect your taste and style. Individualized to make it uniquely yours. 

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